Caribbean Poker

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Caribbean Poker, also known as Caribbean Stud Poker is a game that is usually found in casinos and is very similar to the basic game of five card stud poker. However, the main difference between poker games and traditional Caribbean poker is played against the house rather than other people. Many like the idea of simply playing against the house so there is no need to interact with other players, bluffing or worry, because there is nothing like what is Thurs

However, others prefer the standard Caribbean Stud poker for two main reasons. The first is that the use of other forms of cheating and bluffing that the player is often able to earn more because they have more control over the outcome of the match. Second, and perhaps most importantly, as with another man as the type of home games in the long term, to gain some real substance in the Caribbean Poker is low.

Play Caribbean Poker is very similar to the standard of poker in which each player places his bet on the table, or a forced bet that is agreed before the match. When you are down, the dealer announces "bet", and each player receives five cards. The cards are dealt face down and the dealer is the first to see your cards. It runs on a plate, then sends "cards" for players is when you can see them. They can not talk about what they have with other players, who can not see what other players have received.

Then choose to play the cards you have, or resign and leave the tower, losing a bet. If you decide to play, double the amount of your bet in the box. When everyone has made its decision, the dealer shows his cards. The dealer can play with an Ace / King or better, and go around the table comparing the cards to other players - from right to left. Those who have a better hand than the dealer win.

There are several rules that must be met when playing, the game can not play if:

1. Players can not hold or wager on multiple hands, only one hand to each player plays at a time.
2. If the player chooses to progress payment, so your bet is $ 1 in the slot and the "light" comes on.
3. Players can not communicate with each other on their hands, they can not talk to the dealer about this. If you do, you lose the hand and put Paris.
4. If for some reason, when the cards are dealt to a player receives an incorrect number of cards that your hand is a "push" or "dead hand" so that the only player. The other ends the cycle and that the player can participate in when the cards are dealt again.
5. Any decision that the supervisory authorities or the dealer has to do with Casino Caribbean Poker is final.
6. If the dealer with only four cards in a hand of five cards, you can take one more card. However, any other misdeal and end all hands in a "dead hand" for all players and the cards are returned, then reshaped and try again.
7. If the cards are exposed before the dealer announces "bet" and all hands are empty, and returned
8. Each player must keep their cards, taking into account the dealer at all times, can not leave the table. One player from each examined the cards are placed face down on the table and not touch more.

According to one side when you play, the chances are very simple. If the player beats the dealer, the player will have a 1:1 in their doors, with a maximum bet of $ 5000. Otherwise, payments are:

Royal Flush 100:1
Straight Flush 50:1
Four of a Kind 20:01
Full House 7:01
Flush 5:01
4:01 Scale
Three of a Kind 3:01
Two sets 2:01
One pair or less 1:01

However, no matter what any player if the dealer has at least an ace or a king, all Paris was canceled and also receive money through their doors only. In addition, for even more exciting, Caribbean Poker, you can bet on the hand and win the progressive jackpot. Player cards for $ 1 at the receiver and if you win more than one color, or whatever the outcome of your table in Paris.

In Macao, which has invested $ 20 million HKD / MOP. Payments are made according to the counter's value when it is their turn to receive the payment. If more than one player you have, then they also share the amount on the meter.

Now, the United Kingdom, the Caribbean, slightly different in that they all offer the prize, or even call him by name Stud. Caribbean Stud Poker is called "Casino Stud Poker" or "Casino Five Card Stud Poker." The rules are similar, but the maximum bet is 100 € at the door and normally 200 pounds of enlargement. In addition to all payments are increasing, which means that the maximum payment is potentially 10,000 pounds. Furthermore, no distribution system chips, instead of inserting the chip into a plastic ring that glows.

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